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Simon Fraser University

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How to leverage data with Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s mind. At this one-day workshop you will learn about AI methodologies as well as AI optimization tools and techniques, that can be applied to Intel Xeon® processors as well as learn about some of Intel’s upcoming products that can be leveraged for AI. Benefit from live demos, followed by guided hands-on experience where you will learn how to optimize deep learning codes to accelerate computing applications.

The workshop is free, but space is limited and so you must register in advance.


Thu, 19 September 2019 
8:30 am – 4:15 pm 
Simon Fraser University 
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By attending this workshop, you will learn about:

  • AI methodologies leveraging Intel® hardware and software portfolio for AI
  • New capabilities to analyze large data sets
  • How to accelerate existing or planned deep learning projects
  • Performance optimization techniques using frameworks and tools
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Batch visualization WestGrid webinar Compute Canada
Speaker Info:
Alex Razoumov
Training & Visualization Coordinator

In this webinar we will review some of the serial batch visualization workflows you can run on Compute Canada HPC clusters, starting from simple plotting tools (Matplotlib and Plotly), going to more capable 3D Python visualization libraries (YT) and standard general-purpose 3D visualization tools (ParaView and VisIt).

We will share some simple scripts and will show how to run them on a cluster's login node, inside an interactive job and with a Slurm batch job. Finally, we will show one or two parallel rendering examples.

We will also try to provide answers to some more complex questions:

  • how do you debug batch visualization scripts?
  • when do you want to switch from client-server to batch visualization?
  • should you render on cluster GPUs or CPUs?
  • how much computational resource(s) should you allocate to your rendering jobs?

Webinar Slides & Files

Vsit our training site to download a ZIP file of the materials for this session.

Visualize This Challenge 2019 WestGrid Compute Canada
Tuesday, September 10, 2019 to Saturday, November 30, 2019


Speaker Info:

This year’s Visualize This! Challenge is being coordinated by WestGrid, SciNet, SHARCNET, and Calcul Québec -- all regional partners of Compute Canada. Led by the Compute Canada Visualization Team, Visualize This! wants to bring your creative visualization ideas and workflows to life and make them accessible to all Canadian researchers!

Click here to read the full competition details.

This year’s Challenge is focusing on processing and visualizing large datasets with parallel rendering. Any dataset that is too large to be rendered on a standalone desktop/workstation would qualify for this competition.

The competition is open to anyone affiliated with a Canadian post-secondary institution (college or university) or research organization. This Challenge provides a valuable learning opportunity to enhance your visualization skills, no matter what your research area may be, so participants from all research fields are encouraged to enter.

Want to join the Challenge?

  • Click here to register your interest.
    • Note: Participants can form teams and there is no limit to the number of people who can be part of your team. Note: A team will be considered as a single entrant and will be eligible to win only one prize.
  • Visit the Visualize This! website for complete competition details.
  • Help us spread the word (#vizthis2019) and invite anyone else you think might be up for the Challenge!
  • Submit your entry by November 30.

Submissions will be reviewed by members of the Compute Canada Visualization Team. To be eligible for a prize, you must be registered as a participant.

More information

The full contest rules and FAQs on the competition can be found on the Challenge website. If you would like more information or have any questions, please email

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