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Coast to Coast Seminar Series: Biomarker Discovery in Personalized Medicine


Speaker Info:

Raymond Ng
Professor, Computer Science
University of British Columbia


* NOTE: This seminar has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the speaker. The Coast to Coast Seminar Series is now on a winter break. Dates for the 2016 Spring Season (Jan-March) will be advertised once confirmed. If you have any questions or would like more informatio on the Coast to Coast series, please contact Veselin Jungic. *

Personalized medicine has been hailed as one of the main frontiers for medical research in this century. In the first half of the talk, we will give an overview on our projects that use gene expression, proteomics, DNA and clinical features for biomarker discovery. In the second half of the talk, we will describe some of the challenges involved in biomarker discovery. One of the challenges is the lack of quality assessment tools for data generated by ever-evolving genomics platforms. We will conclude the talk by giving an overview of some of the techniques we have developed on data cleansing and pre-processing.

About the Speaker
Dr. Raymond Ng is a professor in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. His main research area for the past two decades is on data mining, with a specific focus on health informatics and text mining. He has published over 180 peer-reviewed publications on data clustering, outlier detection, OLAP processing, health informatics and text mining. He is the recipient of two best paper awards - from 2001 ACM SIGKDD conference, which is the premier data mining conference worldwide, and the 2005 ACM SIGMOD conference, which is one of the top database conferences worldwide. He was one of the program co-chairs of the 2009 International conference on Data Engineering, and one of the program co-chairs of the 2002 ACM SIGKDD conference. He was also one of the general co-chairs of the 2008 ACM SIGMOD conference.

For the past decade, Dr. Ng has co-led several large scale genomic projects, funded by Genome Canada, Genome BC and industrial collaborators. The total amount of funding of those projects well exceeded $40 million Canadian dollars. He now holds the Chief Informatics Officer position of the PROOF Centre of Excellence, which focuses on biomarker development for end-stage organ failures.