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Cedar Office Hours & July Town Hall



Join WestGrid Support Staff for a live introduction to Cedar, one of Compute Canada's newest and most powerful supercomputers. In this special 'Office Hours' session, WestGrid Support Staff will show how to:

  • log in
  • explore the file systems
  • compile basic programs
  • work with modules
  • run jobs via the SLURM scheduler
  • run interactive jobs (instead of using development nodes)
  • find documentation and get help

The session will also include a short Town Hall where the WestGrid Management Team will share the latest updates on:

  • Migration off WestGrid legacy systems
  • Other national systems

Town Hall attendees are welcome to ask questions on Cedar, migration, training and any other topics of interest. The session will be streamed live online and is open to any existing WestGrid or Compute Canada user as well as members of the broader research community from all disciplines and departments.

Questions and comments are welcome at any time by sending an email to

Seminar Slides