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ACENET Webinar: Introduction to Shell Scripting and Job Management with Grid Engine



As one of Compute Canada's four regional partners, ACENET is a consortium of universities in Atlantic Canada serving the computationally-based research needs of its users.

Each Spring, ACENET delivers intoductory and advanced training sessions to help users learn more about ACENET and Compute Canada as well as hone their advanced computing skills. This particular session is being broadcast online, so will be available for anyone to tune in, no matter their geographic location. The session will present an Introduction to Shell Scripting and Job Management with Grid Engine.

Session Description:

The first part of this workshop will focus on shell scripting. Participants will learn how to exercise the power of the command line with shell scripting. For those familiar with working in a Unix/Linux environment but have had no experience with shell scripting.

In the second half, participants will be introduced to N1GE production job management software (Grid Engine). Learn how the job scheduler works, and how to make it efficiently manage and troubleshoot jobs on ACENET clusters.


This session is oriented to new users of ACENET and Compute Canada systems. Participants should bring a laptop computer to the sessions and register for a Compute Canada and ACENET account beforehand. See for more information.

This workshop is being broadcast online. Connection details will be sent to all registrants before the event.