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2014 Canadian Science Policy Conference


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 7:00 MDT to Friday, October 17, 2014 - 7:00 MDT


CSPC 2014 Themes

Canadian Science and Technology Strategy: Looking Towards 2020
The Canadian government is renewing the country’s science and technology strategy. An unprecedented number of organizations have submitted ideas and proposals in response to a public call. This has increased the level of attention and public discussion to an already heated debate on the need for a national and long-term science and technology strategy. This theme aims to explore this topic further and provide a national stage for some of the most prominent arguments, in particular, those with a long-term perspective.

Innovation and Partnerships: A recipe for success
In the world of ever changing and multi-disciplinary science and technology, partnership is an indispensable ingredient. At the institutional level, promoting and facilitating effective partnerships is a strategic action. Through its Networks of Centres of Excellence programs, as well as the innovative Community—University Research alliances initiatives, Canada has been a leader in fostering national, international and inter-sectoral partnerships. How well have they worked? What have we learned from these models? How well do these models foster regional development and sustainability – social and economic? What can and should we learn from other countries? This theme will discuss the status of Canadian science and technology partnerships, at various levels including across disciplines, sectors and at the international level.

The Art and Science of Risk Assessment; A Global Conversation:
Risk assessment has become an important S&T issue, capturing more global attention. Extreme weather occurrences including, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes as a result of climate change, invasive species, pandemics, and concerns around bioterrorism are among the risks that policy makers are increasingly being required to confront. This theme will discuss the role of science to forecast, manage and mitigate these risks.

Advancing Canadian Economic Development and Prosperity with S&T:
The role of science and technology in economic development and prosperity is undisputable. However perspectives on what are the optimal investments in S&T for the purpose of economic development have evolved in the past few decades. This theme aims to explore various dimensions of this topic.