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WEBINAR November 14th: How HPC helped researchers simulate the life of a star

Join us for a one-hour webinar where Falk Herwig will share more information on how he achieved groundbreaking simulations of the life of a star, and how high performance computing (HPC) has been an essential tool for his projects.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018
10:00-11:00am Pacific
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At the University of Victoria, Falk Herwig's research seeks to better understand the first stars in the Universe, the origin of the elements in stars and stellar explosions, merging stars, and combustion in stars.

This kind of work is heavily dependent on computer simulations, data handling, and raw number crunching in massively parallel applications, running on thousands of processor cores simultaneously. Falk's group develops software, algorithms and utilities in all these areas.

In March 2018, Falk and his collaborators used Compute Canada's Niagara supercomputer to simulate life of a star. A summary of their work was profiled in R&D magazine.

In this session, Falk will share more information on how his team achieved these groundbreaking simulations, and how high performance computing (HPC) has been an essential tool in this and other projects he is leading.

Target Audience

 Any researcher interested in hearing about the challenges and opportunities for using high performance computing.


This is an online webinar. Connection instructions will be emailed to all registrants. 

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