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WestGrid Staff

The roles and responsibilities of WestGrid's Central Staff team include:


Meet the Team:

Lindsay Sill
Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is responsible for the leadership and management of all aspects of the WestGrid organization, including the supervision of Central Staff;  financial management and reporting; administration;  relationship management with Member institutions and provincial partners; contributions to policy and procedure development through a role on the Compute Canada Management Committee, which includes liaising with counterparts in regions (Compute Ontario, Calcul Quebec, ACENET) and the national CEO; ensuring that WestGrid operations are executed to meet the expectations of the Board of Directors, Members and funders; and acting in the best interest of the research community. 


Lindsay Sill has over a decade of experience working in the digital research technologies sector, providing leadership to a complex and distributed organization. She has played a key role in the advanced research computing (ARC) arena, both regionally and nationally. In 2017 as a member of the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Working Group, Lindsay co-authored a position paper on the ARC needs in Canada, as requested by the federal government, through the Leadership Council on Digital Research Infrastructure (LCDRI). These efforts helped influence the 2018 federal budget announcement of $572.5M over five years to implement a Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) strategy. 

A strong advocate for diversity in science and technology, Lindsay served on the inaugural international Advisory Board for the non-profit organization Women in HPC. She has also presented and participated on panels in support of improving the gender balance in ARC. Lindsay has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Victoria, and worked as a Laboratory Manager in the Department of Medicine for the University of Calgary, where her research contributions resulted in a Nature publication. 

Lindsay is a member of the CIRA Nominations Committee and the MacKay CEO Forum. When she is not working, she enjoys competing nationally and internationally in Ultimate Frisbee, and mountain biking or hiking with her family. She resides in Kelowna, BC.

Patrick Mann
Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day technical operations of the organization (e.g. issues relating to networking, collaboration/visualization, user support, and infrastructure operation), chairing the Site Leads Committee, acting as the single point of contact for operational issues in WestGrid, supervising central technical staff, maintaining strong coordination with all other Compute Canada project elements and institutions, and is also expected to play a leadership role in the development and growth of new activities and services.


Patrick Mann has a broad range of academic and commercial expertise as an IT and computational science specialist. His areas of focus include cloud computing, virtualization, networking, systems architecture, system administration, and collaboration. Prior to joining WestGrid, Patrick served as IT Director for a partnership between Carbon Management Canada and the International Performance Assessment Centre for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide. He has worked as a private contractor, providing Amazon Web Services consulting and development services, and has led strategic IT initiatives through senior leadership positions at Cybera Inc., as Chief Technology Officer, and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), as the Director of the Computing and Telecommunications Services Department. Patrick has a D.Phil. in computational astrophysics from the University of Oxford.

Megan Allen
Director of Finance

The Director of Finance directs all aspects of financial management for WestGrid. This role acts as the liaison with WestGrid Member institutions in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and the Compute Canada Director of Finance on all matters with respect to funding agreements, accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, audit issues, and management.


Prior to joining WestGrid, Megan Allen worked for the University of Calgary as a Finance Partner, serving the units of Facilities and the President's Portfolio. Megan has also worked in the oil and gas industry in Calgary and in the transportation industry in Vancouver. In 2003, Megan received her CMA designation, and currently holds the CPA designation. Megan's skills include budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis and relationship management. 

Alex Razoumov
Alex Razoumov
Training & Visualization Coordinator

The Training & Visualization Coordinator is responsible for the visualization platform across all WestGrid Member institutions. This includes creating a visualization plan for WestGrid and executing the implementation of the plan across the Member institutions. The Training & Visualization Coordinator acts as the liaison with WestGrid Member institutions in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba on all matters with respect to visualization. The Coordinator supports researchers in their visualization needs including responding to requests by email, through the ticketing system and in person as required. Training and outreach is also an important role. This includes developing training material, delivering training and outreach sessions (including summer schools), and training other staff members to provide seminars.


Alex Razoumov has a PhD in computational astrophysics from UBC. He has worked on numerical models ranging from galaxy formation to core-collapse supernovae and stellar hydrodynamics, and has developed a number of computational fluid dynamics and radiative transfer codes and techniques. He spent five years as HPC Analyst in SHARCNET helping researchers from diverse backgrounds to use large clusters, and joined WestGrid in 2014.

Ikenna Okpala WestGrid Senior Developer
Ikenna Okpala
Senior Developer

The Senior Software Developer is responsible for software and service development projects required both by WestGrid and Compute Canada. This could range from working on Compute Canada’s national user database, to developing an online tool for Bioinformaticians to submit their work to our high performance computing systems, to helping implement national Globus filesharing services.


Ikenna Okpala joined WestGrid as a Senior Developer in 2018. Ikenna is a specialist in web development with over 12+ years experience delivering projects in various sectors which include government, medical, pharmacology, retail, e-commerce and sports betting. He subscribes to agile, pair programming (where required), behaviour driven (BDD), DRY, progressive enhancement, and open source approaches to web development. Prior to joining WestGrid, Ikenna was Senior Software Engineer at Marks & Spencer (Venture labs), in the UK and now resides with his family in Atlantic Canada.