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WestGrid Member Council

The WestGrid Member Council representatives are appointed by their respective member institutions and have a role similar to a Board of Directors. They ensure that WestGrid and Compute Canada policies are compatible with institutional policies and they make decisions on all major organizational issues. They also have an important role in governance and strategic planning. The member institutions are one of the major contributors (along with the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the provinces) to the operations and maintenance (O&M) funding and therefore make all major financial and budgetary decisions for the organization.


  • One VP(R) or designate appointed by each of the seven Member institutions

  • WestGrid Executive Committee (non-voting)

  • WestGrid Senior Management Team (non-voting)


  • Appoint WestGrid Executive Committee slate
  • Approve WestGrid governance structure and budget
Meet at least once a year in an Annual General Meeting (AGM)


David Castle   University of Victoria   Vice-President (Research)
Helen Burt   University of British Columbia   Associate Vice President Research & International
Dugan O'Neil   Simon Fraser University   Associate Vice-President, Research
Susan Skone   University of Calgary   Associate Vice-President (Research)
Walter Dixon   University of Alberta   Interim Vice-President (Research) 
Kevin Schneider   University of Saskatchewan   Acting Associate Vice-President (Research)
Jay Doering   University of Manitoba   Asscociate Vice-President (Partnerships)


* This committee also includes all members of the WestGrid Executive Committee