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Institutional Staff

WestGrid's ability to serve and support research across Western Canada is powered by over 50 “Team Members” / FTEs employed in systems administrator and/or user support roles at WestGrid’s member institutions through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Major Science Initiatives (MSI) project. They are hired, evaluated, paid and directed by their institution. Although they do not officially report to WestGrid or Compute Canada, they may receive direction from Compute Canada National Team Leads, the Compute Canada Chief Technology Officer, the WestGrid Chief Executive Officer or the WestGrid Director of Operations.

WestGrid Team Members bring a diverse range of expertise supporting computational science, including specialties in large data transfer, bioinformatics pipelines, information privacy, digital humanities and scientific visualization. The team's academic backgrounds are just as varied, spanning the sciences as well as specialties in Epidemiology, Meteorology, Archaeology, English Literature, Philosophy and Game Theory.

Members of WestGrid's technical team have consistently either won or been nominated by the user community for Compute Canada Awards of Excellence, which annually celebrate and recognize exceptional advanced research computing support and expertise.

Compute Canada 2018 Awards of Excellence Winners. (L to R: Alain Veilleux (Université de Sherbrooke / Calcul Quebec) accepting on behalf of Michel Barrette and Richard Lefebvre; Scott Delinger (University of Alberta / WestGrid) accepting on behalf of Masao Fujinaga; Kamil Marcinkowski (University of Alberta / WestGrid), Félix-Antoine Fortin (Université Laval / Calcul Québec), Robbin Tourangeau (Compute Canada)


Part of a National Team

WestGrid's Team Members are part of Compute Canada’s nationally distributed network of experts (~200 FTEs). These local support personnel are Compute Canada's greatest strength, as they work close to the researchers they serve and provide Compute Canada and the regions with a unique understanding of the Canadian research community. These front-line staff play an essential role in delivering local training, outreach, and other user support interactions.



How Can We Help You? 

Resources / Services

  • High performance, big data and GPU computing
  • Managed cloud space
  • ownCloud online storage
  • Globus file transfers
  • Stable and secure data storage and backup
  • Research Data Management
  • Platforms and portals support
  • Specialized software
  • Videoconferencing
  • Support for research at all scales

Expertise / Consultation

  • Helping users choose the right resources for their needs
  • Designing, optimizing and troubleshooting computer code
  • Customizing tools
  • Installing, operating and maintaining advanced research computing equipment
  • Dedicated specialists (i.e. computing in humanities / social sciences, data visualization, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity

Training / Outreach

  • Group and/or individual training
  • Novice and/or advanced levels
  • Software Carpentry / Data Carpentry workshops
  • Quickstart guides and how-to documentation
  • Training videos
  • Online workshops
  • Summer Schools
  • Data Visualization workshops
  • Livestreaming of seminars (i.e. VanBUG bioinformatics talks)