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Internship Opportunities (Various Disciplines)

Mitacs Accelerate Program
Various cities

The Mitacs Accelerate program offers a variety of internship opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to develop industry connections and advance their research. Funding starts at $15,000 and projects can range from a single four-month internship unit to multiple units combined together to accom­modate larger projects. Opportunities are open to all disciplines and all industry sectors, and can span a wide range of areas, including technical innovation, IT, manufacturing, social sciences, and more.

Intern Eligibility:

  • Interns need to be enrolled full-time at a Canadian university as a graduate student (Master’s or PhD level) or as a post-doctoral fellow for the whole duration of the internship.
  • Interns should not delay graduation to participate in the Mitacs Accelerate program.
  • Post-doctoral fellows are eligible within five years of the completion of their first doctoral degree.
  • The academic supervisor of the prospective intern needs to grant his/her approval for the internship.


University & Intern

  • No deadlines: applications are accepted at any time 
  • Application process: simple, easy, and quick; typically approved within four to six weeks 
  • Not a competition International students and Postdocs are eligible to apply 
  • Real-world exposure: interns and faculty apply the latest tools and innovations to real issues. 
  • Funding provided to support the intern’s research


  • Peer-reviewed: ensures high quality research 
  • Industry-friendly: Mitacs and the university manage all administrative and financial issues; intern is not a company employee Increased innovation: gain novel solutions to challenging problems 
  • Projects may be eligible for SR&ED tax credits, Mitacs provides matching funds to the projects 
  • Mitacs can help companies access university expertise

Scalable projects

  • Accelerate Standard: Scalable in 4-month internship units 
  • The Mitacs Accelerate internship program is scalable in its design. Projects can range from a single four-month internship unit to multiple units combined together to accom­modate larger projects. 
  • Cost-shared model with Mitacs, through the support of federal and provincial govern­ment funding, matching the industry partner contribution dollar-for-dollar. 
  • Each four-month internship unit can be stretched to a maximum of six months to allow for part-time participation

Full program details and criteria can be found on the Mitacs website.