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Rachid Ouyed

Rachid Ouyed

University of Calgary



CV Highlights

• Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

• Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty Award (Jan-2004 to Dec-2006)

• URGC Science Award (2005)

• Canadian Foundation for Innovation Award (2005)

• CITA Reinhardt fellowship by the University of Toronto (Aug-Dec 2005)

• Founder and Head of Computational Astro-Physics Calgary Alberta (CAPCA: [CAPCA's mission: Applying numerical methods to solve fundamental problems in physics and astrophysics]

Research Interests: Astrophysical (magnetically confined) jets and compact stars (black holes, neutron stars and quark stars); combining these two ingredients in exploring models of Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs)


The Sky is Not the Limit


A Canadian research collaboration is poised to break new ground in our study of the stars and galaxies. Rachid Ouyed, partnered with Professor Ralph Purdritz, Director of the Origins Institute, McMaster University, plan to use WestGrid resources to support some of the largest simulations recorded of magnetically confined plasma jets. Such simulations will be the first of their kind and put the teams at the forefront of simulations of magnetically confined plasma jets. Perhaps most significantly, these computational simulations will be the first to probe scales observable by the Hubble Space Telescope.


To date, theoretical models have aided researchers in understanding the basic physics underlying some of these galactic phenomena. Computational simulations, like those Ouyed will run on WestGrid resources, take that understanding one step further _ propelling the data into 3-Dimensional state. High performance simulations hold the potential of unlocking some of the secrets behind the origin and behavior of jets. These simulations could not only advance our knowledge of other astrophysical events, but also shed light on some of the physics of magnetic confinement of plasmas in the laboratory that has remained elusive for decades.