Compute Canada Helping Scientists Study Crime and Foster Safer Communities

The only lab like it in the world, the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS) is transforming how we analyze...

CCDB Now Accepting Applications for Compute Canada 2016 Resource Allocation Competition (RAC)

Submissions for Compute Canada's 2016 Resource Allocation Competition (RAC) are now being accepted via the Compute Canada...

UofA Researchers using big data to find more efficent cattle

Researchers at the University of Alberta are using big data and Advanced Research Computing resources from Compute Canada...

Part of a National Computing Platform

WestGrid is one of four regional divisions of Compute Canada, a national platform of supercomputing expertise and resources.

Recent News

University of Alberta researchers, students and staff interested in learning more about visualizing scientific data are invited to a free workshop WestGrid is hosting on Friday, October 23. The full-day workshop will introduce the basics of... Read More »
October 6, 2015
Compute Canada's response to Industry Canada's Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) Consultations is now available online. As part of Industry Canada's process to develop a broad, medium- to long-term DRI strategy, submissions were invited from... Read More »
October 5, 2015
The only lab like it in the world, the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS) is transforming how we analyze crime by exploiting the power of advanced research computing (ARC). Located at Simon Fraser University, ICURS is a fine... Read More »
October 4, 2015
The C2C seminar will explore "Big Data" problems faced by researchers examining the immune response to infectious and autoimmune diseases
The next session of the VanBUG (Vancouver Bioinformatics Users Group) Seminar Series will host guest speaker Dr. Tamara Munzner, a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. She will discuss the framework... Read More »
October 2, 2015
Chris Want has been with WestGrid since April 2013. Prior to that, he worked at the University of Alberta for more than a decade as a Visualization Programmer / Analyst, where he also managed the accounts systems for both WestGrid and Compute Canada... Read More »
September 30, 2015